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eporters that for the development of "fine plati chanel replica

Italy Long desire molded into a quality brand by the platinum
Italy Long Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a jewelry business was established in 1999, platinum jewelry, specializing in the production of enterprises in the industry, bring, it is ringing. Have access to "Guangdong Province", the title of the jewelery industry in China Famous Brand "," Chinese famous brand ", the output value of the company reached $ 10 billion in 2007. Mentioned the achievements of Italian Long, the General Manager Miss Chan said before: Italian Long "a sword of platinum jewelry is intended Dalong hard work in the jewelry market, regardless of the platinum jewelry market, what kind of wind and rain, are not waver, we will adhere to go to create the fine platinum jewelry the line. "the beginning of the build quality platinum Jincheng Li, Italy Long is mainly engaged in the platinum palladium gold and other jewelry production, processing, wholesale business, platinum jewelry has been is its product chain in the main event. In April 2005, Italy Long to obtain the authorization of the Platinum Guild International, officially became the designated manufacturer of Platinum Guild International, with endorsements by famous international movie star Maggie Cheung streamer Qinying series of platinum jewelry production rights. With the rise of the platinum jewelry consumption trends, platinum jewelery production areas more and more new faces in an increasingly competitive market. Miss Chan to realize that in the face of competition, only to constantly improve our product quality to be able to retain consumers. He proposed the idea of ​​the "fine platinum. In July 2007, Italy Long independent research and innovation, pioneered the younger jewelry concept of "80c platinum. Mostly focused on mature women with traditional platinum jewelry compared to the series of platinum jewelry to bring more young and trendy, provocative, compelling new image, aimed at the "80" The consumer market, breaking down the consumption of platinum jewelry mature traditional concepts, but also for platinum jewelry for new development. Miss Chan told reporters that for the development of "fine platinum, Italy Longte, do not set up a boutique factory. Boutique factory capacity to account for capacity more than 20%, knock off chanel bags. R & D team for the development of quality, specialized organizations, the introduction of advanced equipment, in order to ensure the fluidity of the fine lines of platinum, fine sense of the sense of space and production of the product. Increase the design and development by the end of 2007 to early 2008, a number of production and processing of platinum jewelery enterprises to withstand a huge test: Platinum prices of raw materials rising rapidly, once as high as over 2000 U.S. dollars / ounce. At this point, the sales of platinum jewelery market is less than ideal, the industry worried that part of the production companies had to withdraw from the field. Italy Long did not give up, but always stick to their positions. Challenges, Italy Long did not like most businesses do to change the business strategy but further increase the design and development of platinum jewelry, and strive to gain a leading position in their own areas of expertise. "Miss Chan first. Since its inception in 1999, platinum jewelry has been the highlight of the Italian long product chain. Through 10 years of accumulation and precipitation of the Italian Lung platinum jewelery production, service, sales and other processes have formed a complete system, in particular, adhering to the principles of business integrity and quality service, customer confidence is high. The second half of 2008, the stick of the Italian Lung finally be rewarded, platinum prices of raw materials all the way down back to 700 to 800 U.S. dollars / ounce, the platinum market consumer enthusiasm is activated again. Data show that since 2000, reelected for nine consecutive years, the largest country of the global platinum jewelery consumption. Related investigations, the platinum jewelry market in the second and third line there is more room for growth. Miss Chan first decided to strengthen the second and third tier cities in the marketing as one of the priorities of the Italian Lung future work. Started terminal market According to reports, the current platinum price is low, a large number of jewelry companies to squeeze into the platinum jewelry market, with sales growing steadily better. Miss Chan is first aware of the fine platinum jewelry needs to be more recognized by consumers, brand development is inevitable. Enhance the value-added products, to break through the price competition, and won a favorable competitive position for Italy Long, more and more retailers are clearly stated intention to join, chanel replica. In the second half of this year, which means Long Mai opened the pace of brand development. Miss Chan to believe that a good product is the basis for enterprise survival and development, can provide important conditions for enterprises to expand the retail market. As a result, the Italian Lung will continue to increase platinum art research and development efforts, fully prepared to join the brand. It is reported that the new product development in Italy, Long has achieved initial results, following the "I 08" red carpet "and" water party "theme of the platinum family of products selling, the new" Youth password refresh the meaning Dalong sales records. It is reported that, in addition to product support, the Italian Lung will choose a more flexible joining strategy to enhance cooperation with the franchisee and development space, open the brand to join the situation as soon as possible. The one hand, the mode of cooperation of the Italian Lung program conversion and many domestic well-known brand, on the one hand, purely to sell the product model converted to 80c "products counter sales, enhance brand awareness. On the other hand, Italy Long planned development of the franchisee, the main concept of "fine platinum in the country. Italian Long will be based on actual conditions in the open outlets around the shop. Miss Chan first revealed that Italy, Long has designed a unified brand store image, brand development, preliminary layout. "Shaping the brand started the terminal market is the direction of enterprise development, our goal is to Italy Long made a high-quality brands, fine platinum concept spread throughout the market."

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fake chanel wallet rrow, BURBERRY Intime Lotte staged exclusive

Luxury discount to return the funds helpless a discount clearing inventory<br />Many big Chinese market as the last straw this year's seasonal discount a month earlier than previous years. Some time ago, Shin Kong held a luxury sale will be the lowest fold; this weekend, Intime Lotte will also have the luxury discount special. Insiders said that the major brand spring a new one after another hits the shelves as soon as possible to digest the inventory, you can accelerate cash return. International big lowest discount clearing "Fashion 126 genuine Mall: all goods sold by the brands themselves, you can buy." Peacetime international big high-priced features, although not to the customer how much to measure sales performance, but "internal and external face of the normalization of the high-end brand promotion as well as overseas cargo sweeping to buy a luxury this year, ahead of major brand at the end of discounts for almost a month. In addition, with travel abroad, Hong Kong and Macao travel opportunities increased number of luxury fixed group of consumers have become accustomed to focus on to Hong Kong, Europe and the United States luxury prices relatively low local shopping. By convention, the next month in Hong Kong will enter a winter discount season, some big spring new less than 1000 yuan of domestic prices in Hong Kong only, the price-of-season products can also lower. In order to grab earlier in Hong Kong and other places to attract the high-end consumer in Beijing, ahead of international big discount promotions. Recently, Shin Kong, the second floor of the major brand stores have only been occasional customers into the store, KENZO, the MAX & Co. for nearly 20 first big sale, or to attract a lot of customers. Da Wang Road, near the office of Miss Ho, bought a pair of shoes, two packages. "This shoulder bag fold over 2300 dollars, than usual, the original price to buy a lot cheaper, the price of shopping in Hong Kong is not only big gathering of Shin Kong to do in advance sale tomorrow, BURBERRY Intime Lotte staged exclusive sale will be, the audience 1.5-5 fold. According to the Shin Kong sales staff, the luxury of a big spring of next year new models onto the market, the focus last year Dongkuan and this year's summer product discounts. The luxury of a big rush to seasonal discounts, and poor sales of the situation since last year. Consulting firm Bain & Company predicted, senior clothing, accessories and cosmetics and other luxury goods sold in the United States will drop 16%, about 10 percent drop in Japan, Europe may be decreased by 8%. Decline with the global luxury goods, domestic luxury consumption growth more than the LV, and other big results of the first three quarters of the "bright spots". The occasion of the new season, the luxury of a big pre-start a wave of price cuts, leveraging the market price of the more obvious purpose. Ms, <a href="">fake chanel wallet</a>. Ko agent business has been doing the imported goods, the fall and winter products listed last year coincides with the financial turmoil sweeping the globe, the inventory-of-season products in advance clearing, you can speed up the capital to return and prepare for next year's market expansion. In addition, as the brand agents, Ms. Ko said she launched the current in the planning agent high-end brand promotions in order to speed up cash flow, then the introduction of two new high-end brand, replica chanel.


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